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Help With Your Nasal & Sinus Problems in Gilroy, CA

Nasal disorders, such as nasal polyps, and sinus problems are among the most common complaints that people seek medical help for. Nose problems affect people of all ages and ethnicities and include allergies, colds and numerous environmental toxins, which can cause the tissues in your nose to swell and become painful.

Your head contains eight sinus cavities arranged symetrically. Sinuses reduce the total weight of your head and are responsible for the depth and tone of your voice. That’s why we sound like Elmer Fudd when our sinuses are clogged. Your sinuses are designed to drain into your nose through small openings. Sinus membranes produce mucus. When the mucus membranes become infected, the result is acute sinusitis. Your symptoms may include:

  • Facial pain, sinus headache
  • Nasal drainage
  • Nasal congestion
  • Fever and fatigue

If you have recurring sinus infection or symptoms such as facial pain, pressure, nasal obstruction, congestion and chronic nasal drainage, it’s called chronic sinusitis. Dr. Burt can help you or your child with any kind of sinusitis or nasal problems right here in Gilroy, CA.

To learn more about our treatment solutions for nose problems, including balloon sinuplasty, please call us at 408.847.1199. For your convenience, you can use our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your preferred consultation time. Se habla español (El Doctor y Los Empleados). Our nose patients come to us from Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill, Prunedale and Watsonville.

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